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Diversification across three dimensions

The Fusion engine synchronizes multiple dynamically risk-managed strategies and asset class indexes into a robust strategically diversified portfolio customized according to individual risk thresholds. This can increase risk-reduction and return during diverse market environments, black swans, and uncertainty.

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The Fusion universe contains traditional asset classes and passive indexes that provide long only, leveraged, and inverse exposure to different asset classes including (but not limited to) bond, gold, currencies, domestic and emerging equity.

Draws on a universe of over 45 strategies, asset classes, and suitability-based portfolio profiles created by Flexible Plan and its third-party sub-advisors

Three factors determine strategy weights and market exposure

Strategies are compared based on their relative performance over multiple time windows.

Strategies are compared based on their relative risk over multiple time windows

Strategies are evaluated based on how well they work together as a team to deliver consistent results across market conditions

Portfolios are created to match investor risk preferences from conservative to aggressive.


Premium accounts

Accounts over $100,000 qualify for premium services

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Fusion Prime, like Fusion, is designed to dynamically allocate across multiple market indexes, multiple trading strategies and multiple investment managers to create a single, diversified portfolio based on suitability that is superior to the sum of its parts. Fusion Prime offers greater customization and special services created just for Fusion Prime account holders at no additional charge.

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FPI 35th Anniversary

Since 1981, Flexible Plan Investments has been dedicated to preserving and growing wealth through dynamic risk management. We are a turnkey asset management program (TAMP), which means advisors can access and combine our many risk-managed strategies within a single account. Our fee-based separately managed accounts can provide diversified portfolios of actively managed strategies within equity, debt, and alternative asset classes on an array of different platforms. We also offer advisors our OnTarget Investing tool to help set realistic, custom benchmarks for clients and regularly measure progress. Read More...