Jordan RomanJordan Roman
Regional Business Consultant

800-347-3539 x 2
Cell: 248-939-5696

Territories: Northeast

Years in industry: 5

Education: Bachelor’s degree in finance from Eastern Michigan University

Jordan discovered his passion for finance at a young age. He studied the subject extensively, earning a finance degree from Eastern Michigan University, and entered the industry as an intern at Mass Mutual before joining Flexible Plan Investments (FPI) full time in 2017.

Jordan is a firm believer in FPI's dynamic risk-management capabilities and is dedicated to building robust portfolio solutions for all market environments. After spending extensive time studying FPI's strategies and participating in thousands of calls to advisers, he moved into his role as an FPI internal business consultant, which allows him to pursue his passion for building custom solutions for advisers and their clients.

Jordan currently lives in Livonia, Michigan. He is an avid sports fan and traveler, and he goes to many games across the country. Jordan is also a volunteer with his local high school football team.


Provide advisors with document assistance, identify portfolio options for advisors and their clients, and offer regular webinars and seminars to help advisors build their practices

Jordan Roman
Internal Business Consultant
248-642-6640 Ext. 158

Jordan has been part of the Flexible Plan team since 2017.

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Barb Valenzuela
Advisor Administration Manager
248-642-6640 Ext. 171

Barb has been part of the Flexible Plan team since 2000.

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Laurie McGuire
Manager Client Services
248-642-6640 Ext. 131

Laurie has been part of the Flexible Plan team since 1993.

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