Sub-advised Mutual Funds

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FPI has been selected to subadvise a family of actively managed mutual funds. These Funds seek to generate high appreciation on an annual basis consistent with a high tolerance for risk. Diversifying among them can provide a strategically diversified portfolio of all the important asset classes in a manner designed to embrace returns and reduce risk. The structure of the funds is more flexible with the ability to access a wider array of trading strategies and financial instruments for our investors.

Sub-advised by Flexible Plan Investments, Ltd.

Quantified Funds are strategically diversified and actively managed using dynamic asset allocation to adjust to market environments.

Total transparency:

Select a fund and review its holdings daily or on a date or dates of your choice.



Quantified Funds prospectus

Quantified Funds website

Sub-advised by Flexible Plan Investments, Ltd.

The Gold Bullion Strategy Fund is the first and only no-load gold bullion fund available to non-ETF, mutual fund investors. All previous "gold" funds have been composed primarily of gold mining stocks. The fund's goal is to track the daily price changes in gold bullion and be appropriate for long-term investors looking for participation in the movement of gold bullion prices.

The Gold Bullion Strategy Fund prospectus

The Gold Bullion Strategy website

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