Managed retirement programs

Third-Party Administrator (TPA) Plans

Do your clients have the time, skill and discipline needed to survive the markets’ roller coaster climbs and plunges? Do you? We can help.

Core Fiduciary Services
Serve as a co-fiduciary with the Trustee or Investment Committee of the Plan Sponsor.
Assist in compiling or amending the Investment Policy Statement for the Plan.
Prepare and present to the Trustee or Committee via mail or web a selection of core funds, including appropriate asset classes and investment options, accessible by Self-Directing Plan Participant accounts.
Review at least annually the investment options as they relate to the criteria in the Investment Policy Statement, including a re-sampling technology review of each mutual fund.
Maintain a dedicated webpage featuring at least three re-sampled asset allocation portfolios drawn from the core funds to support Self-Directing Plan Participants in making their investment decisions.
Mail quarterly newsletters to identified Self-Directing Plan Participants.
Provide access to weekly market updates
Support the Trustee or Investment Committee by being reasonably available to answer questions via mail, web or conference calls concerning the plan’s investment options.

Custom Managed
Account Services

Our participant managed account option is designed for participants who would like to have all the investment management done for them, but want their portfolios customized to align with their answers to our suitability questionnaire.

  • Evaluate their financial circumstances
  • Design a customized solution
  • Choose the investments that align with goals
  • Actively monitor the investments on a weekly basis
  • Uncover the top performing investments in each asset class,
  • Utilize money market and income investments to seek to harness market risk
  • Offset costs with fee credits earned through investments in our sub-advised Funds.

Qualified Default
Investment Alternatives

We help a Plan Sponsor carry out their duties by providing a prudent default option for participants, managed accounts, what many ERISA experts consider to be the best QDIA option. Our QDIA seeks both long-term appreciation and capital preservation and lets the Plan Sponsor select the underlying managed strategy to be used for the accounts.

  • Age-based Moderate managed portfolios
  • Automatic time horizon and allocation adjustments quarterly
  • Dollar-for-dollar fee credits from use of our sub-advised Funds

Family Plan

Both before and after retirement, Flexible Plan will manage Participant accounts and investments of the Participant and his or her immediate family outside of the retirement plan for the same discounted rate. This is an added benefit not only to Plan Participants, but also extends to their immediate family.

There is a $5,000 account minimum on investments outside the retirement plan.

Advisor tools

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