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Fed Chair Janet Yellen kicked off her semiannual two-day testimony to Congress today. Her prepared comments sounded cautionary, and the initial questioning was anything but kind. As they usually do, members of the House Financial Services Committee were really giving speeches instead of asking questions.

Whether you are a football fan or not, most people like watching the Super Bowl commercials. Some of the best this time around were not the type the game is known for but rather normal commercial fare —the new movies being hawked. Probably the most dramatic footage came from the new Independence Day trailer.

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U.S. equity markets were down last week. The NASDAQ Composite lost 5.44%, the S&P 500 was down 3.10%, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average recorded a weekly loss of 1.59%.

Last week, the gold spot price advanced 4.94%, while the U.S. Dollar Index dropped. The Gold Bullion Strategy Fund (QGLDX) rose 5.12% for the week.

Gold bugs are among the only smiling investors these days. Prices have jumped 6% this year to $1,127 an ounce. That makes gold the best-performing commodity and one of the only major assets to post a sizable gain in 2016.


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