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The last economic recession was marked by an upheaval in the employment landscape, and the seven years of “recovery” have yet to undo all of the damage that was done. Millions of people still need a job, and millions of others are now earning far less than they previously were.

I was on the road last week, attending an industry conference in Chicago. I opened the Wall Street Journal during the morning break, and the chart jumped out at me from the front page: “Back in the Red for U.S. Stocks.”

Phones. Memorial Day holiday hours. 2015 Form 5498 mailing notice from Trust Company of America. Semiannual sales conference.

U.S. equity markets were mixed last week. The NASDAQ Composite gained 1.10%, the S&P 500 was up 0.28%, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average recorded a weekly loss of 0.20%. The ten S&P industrial sectors were split for the week.

Last week, the gold spot price declined 1.69%, as the U.S. Dollar Index strengthened.

After reaching new highs for the year at the end of April, gold prices have retraced back to their support line established so far in May.


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