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Welcome to our active management update on the market

I was reading this week’s economics newsletter from John Mauldin. John, citing statistics from, states that of those who were born in 1967 (50 years old this year), 50% of them are expected to live to age 91. Of those born in 1997 (20 years old this year), 50% of them are expected to live to age 100. Think about that for a second. No, let’s think about that for a whole minute.

Of those born in 1967, 50% are expected to live for at least another 40 years. That is 25 years past the common retirement age of 65. How many of them have been saving for a life that will span that long? More important, how many are investing with the expectation of living that long? Lifestyle and target-date funds will have that group mostly invested in bonds for the last 25-plus years of their lives during a secular bear market in bonds that could last the next 30 years. Given those financial fun facts, Flexible Plan’s philosophy of strategic diversification and dynamic risk management sounds like an attractive plan for a person’s long-term financial survival.

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