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Flexible Plan Investments
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Flexible Plan Investments is a leading provider of investment risk management services. As a founding member of the National Association of Active Investment Managers (NAAIM), we are one of the trade association's largest and oldest active money managers. We strive to provide investors with competitive returns while reducing risk through the use of diversified investment products, cutting-edge technology and support services.

Flexible Plan was founded in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan in 1981. Combining expertise in investment analysis and software development, the founder and President, Jerry Wagner, anticipated technological innovations that allow average investors to enjoy the same management advantages previously available only to high net worth clients and institutional investors.

Our Firm employs a staff of over 60 dedicated professionals including external Regional Sales Managers, an internal advisor support team, a Client Services call center and has proudly served more than 20,000 clients nationwide.

Our proprietary software and trading technologies enable us to actively manage thousands of accounts on a weekly basis. Flexible Plan provides management in a wide assortment of mutual fund and variable annuity families. Our customized systems allow clients access to multiple risk management strategies within a single investment portfolio.

Because most investors have neither the time nor the expertise to manage their investments successfully, Flexible Plan has developed systematic investment processes to bring structure and discipline to the ongoing decisions in investor's portfolios. These processes help balance the pursuit of investment return with risk management. Our goal is to increase the probability of reaching each client's long-term investment expectations. Our  management provides a disciplined investment approach, rather than one that is merely based on overconfident or panicked reaction to short-term market fluctuations.

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Ashland Verified Flexible Plan Investments, Ltd. is an independent investment adviser registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Flexible Plan claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®).

To receive a list of composite descriptions of Flexible Plan strategies and/or a compliant presentation, contact sales@flexibleplan.com or call (800) 347-3539