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Dynamic risk-managed investment solutions since 1981

Flexible Plan Investments is dedicated to active management solutions for separately managed mutual fund, variable, retirement and ETF accounts and has contracts with approximately 600 independent broker dealers and RIAs representing approximately 27,000 client accounts.

Custom client portfolios

We custom fit the investment solution to the client. We don’t force clients into investment vehicles that may not fit their lifestyle or timeline.

Working with advisors, we establish an investor’s personal benchmark to set expectations and measure progress towards each investor’s goal.

We then build a strategically diversified portfolio designed to reach that benchmark and react to future market conditions.

Separately managed accounts

We provide plan core fiduciary services, model portfolios and active management of participant retirement plan accounts custodied on various platforms.

  • 401(k)
  • 403(b) (Fidelity, TIAA-CREF)
  • Profit Sharing
  • Solo-K/Uni-K
  • Managed participant accounts
  • QDIA investments
  • Core fiduciary services and fund selections for self-directing participants.


Managed retirement programs


Where we can manage

Flexible Plan has management agreements with most popular investment platforms.

Where we can manage
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Why we manage for risk

Why we manage for risk and not just reward:
We play defense first and offense second to try to win the game

As an active money manager offering 100+ strategies for separately managed client accounts, we believe that risk management is the most important ingredient for investment success. While Wall Street talks about diversifying asset classes to manage risk, we add active management and strategic diversification to our defensive toolbox to combat market volatility.

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Buy and Hope

Buy and Hope vs Active Management
When running the investment gauntlet, there are two choices. Recently I came to the realization that from my clients’ point of view, there are at least two choices of buy and hold strategies. The first we call Buy and Hope investing—acquiring a portfolio of stocks, bonds or mutual funds and then passively holding on to them through all the vicissitudes of the market. The other is committing to an actively managed account run by a professional advisor. Both require a long-term commitment to work. Let’s see how they differ to help you determine: “Which type of Buy and Hold investor would you rather be?”

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High Yield Bonds

Why we invest in High Yield Corporate Bonds
A brief history lesson about high yield corporate bonds. Before the 1970’s, all new publicly issued bonds were investment grade. Growth companies, or companies that didn’t have near perfect balance sheets, were effectively shut out of the public capital markets and had to rely on restrictive and expensive bank loans or private placements to raise capital to grow their businesses.

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Frequent trading without high commissions

FPI has been selected to subadvise a family of actively managed mutual funds. These Funds seek to generate high appreciation on an annual basis consistent with a high tolerance for risk. The structure of the funds is more flexible and less expensive, with the ability to access a wider array of trading strategies and financial instruments for our investors.

Quantified Funds Gold Bullion Strategy Fund

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