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1st Quarter | 2024

Quarterly recap
What’s happening at FPI
Second-quarter statements

Second-quarter account summaries and OnTarget statements are scheduled to be delivered soon. For those clients who have elected to receive our correspondence electronically, be sure to go to ontargetinvesting.com to verify that we have your current email address in our system. If you haven’t already done so, you can contact Client Services at 800-347-3539, ext. 1, to set up e-delivery.

FPI summer hours: May 31–September 27

To thank our employees for their hard work and dedication, our office will close at 4 p.m. (EDT) on Fridays from May 31 through September 27 to allow our staff to enjoy more of Michigan’s great summer.

Auto-populate your FPI investment management agreements with Laser App and Quik! Forms

As part of our ongoing effort to enhance our services, we’re excited to announce that financial advisers can now auto-populate Flexible Plan Investments’ (FPI’s) investment management agreements with client data through Laser App or Quik! Forms. This new offering is available for accounts at Axos Advisor Services, Schwab Institutional, Schwab PCRA and SDBA, Fidelity BrokerageLink, and TIAA SDBA.

To use this new feature, simply search for Flexible Plan Investments within Laser App or Quik! Forms, select either the co-advisory or solicitor agreement (based on your firm’s agreement with us), auto-populate client data through your CRM integration, complete the strategy selection page and custodial forms, and either print the forms or send them to your client through e-signature. Once the forms are signed, forward them to newmoney@flexibleplan.com. For more details on available strategies, please refer to our website.

Like the new feature? Have ideas on improvements? We’d love to hear what you think. Send your feedback to clientservices@flexibleplan.com.

Enhanced notification process for client data updates

In our continuous commitment to enhancing security and transparency, we have improved how we communicate updates to client data. Effective immediately, when a client updates their personal contact information—for example, their address, email, or phone number—they will receive a confirmation letter regarding these changes. Simultaneously, their financial adviser will be notified directly via email. This ensures that all relevant parties are promptly informed of any updates, further helping to secure client information.

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