Flexible Plan Investments Launches Faith Focused Investing: Active Management Based on Christian Values
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Flexible Plan Investments Launches Faith Focused Investing: Active Management Based on Christian Values

Bloomfield Hills, MI – April 20, 2011 – Flexible Plan Investments, Ltd., a Michigan-based investment advisory firm, announces today the launch of their newest addition to the Principled Investing strategy line-up: Faith Focused Investing. In what has traditionally been considered a secular endeavor, Faith Focused Investing provides clients with the opportunity to demonstrate their faith through how they choose to invest, and the means, through a new twist on tithing, to “pass it forward.”

This active, managed account strategy seeks out no-load, mutual funds that uniformly invest in companies whose products and services align with core Christian values, including funds from well-known providers, such as: the Timothy Plan, the Ave Maria Funds and the Steward Funds, among others. While these funds are attuned to the goals of concerned Christian investors, Flexible Plan’s program provides an added level of risk management through their active management services.

Up until now, diversification among these funds has been the only strategy offered by them to mitigate risk. Investors involved in the market crash of 2007-8 recognize the downside of using diversification as the only tool for managing risk. Faith Focused Investing provides a better solution, as it utilizes weekly monitoring, active management, and reallocation as additional tools.

Based on the same investment risk management techniques utilized since 1998 in its socially-responsible “For a Better World” strategy, Flexible Plan utilizes short-term price trends to rank the performance of the Christian-based funds on a weekly basis, and periodically reallocates to keep the portfolio invested in the market leaders, while avoiding the laggards, all in a non-transaction fee, commission-free, environment maintained by an independent third party trust company. The primary goal of this service is to provide investors with all the benefits of active money management, while providing an expression of the moral tenets of their beliefs.

Flexible Plan President, Jerry Wagner, expressed the reasoning behind the launch, explaining that, “for years, we have received requests from our clients for an actively managed investment account solution that specifically incorporates the expression of Christian values. We are happy to be able to provide them with this solution. I strongly believe that Faith Focused Investing will appeal to those looking for a way to integrate their core beliefs into the management of their investment portfolios, and we can help them make a difference with our Give Back program.”

With its special Give Back program, Flexible Plan Investments provides clients with the option of directing Flexible to pay out 10% of its net advisory fee, in the client’s name, or anonymously, to the church or religious institution of their choice. For more information on this incentive program, please contact the Flexible Plan Sales Department at sales@flexibleplan.com or 800.347.3539, ext. 2. The program is now officially open to investors. Interested parties can visit Faith Focused Investing to learn more.

About Flexible Plan Investments, Ltd.:

Established in 1981, Flexible Plan Investments, Ltd. is a leading provider of investment risk management services. As a founding member of the National Association of Active Investment Managers (NAAIM), Flexible Plan Investments is one of the trade association’s largest and oldest active money managers. The company’s mission is to provide investors with competitive returns, while reducing risk, through the use of diversified investment products, cutting-edge technology and support services.

This release is provided for information purposes only and should not be used or construed as an indicator of future performance, an offer to sell, a solicitation of an offer to buy, or a recommendation for any security. The S&P 500 is referenced for comparison purposes only. Investors cannot invest in an index. Risk is defined as volatility, as measured by standard deviation of weekly returns. Flexible Plan Investments, Ltd. cannot guarantee the suitability or future value of any particular investment. The maximum investment advisory fee is 2.6% annually, dependent upon assets under management, and is prorated and deducted quarterly. The maximum Establishment Fee that may be applicable is 1.2%. Accounts below $25,000 may instead be subject to a Small Account Setup fee. Read Flexible Plan Investments’ Brochure Form ADV Part II carefully before investing.

PAST PERFORMANCE DOES NOT GUARANTEE FUTURE RESULTS. Inherent in any investment is the potential for loss as well as profit. A list of all recommendations made within the immediately preceding twelve months is available upon written request.

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