Z. George Yang, PhD, Second-Place Winner of 2010 NAAIM Wagner Award
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Z. George Yang, PhD, Second-Place Winner of 2010 NAAIM Wagner Award

Bloomfield Hills, MI – June 23, 2010 – Flexible Plan Investments, a leading provider of risk management investment services in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, is proud to announce that its Director of Research, Z. George Yang, PhD, was the second-place winner of the 2010 NAAIM Wagner Awards for Advancements in Active Investment Management.

NAAIM (the National Association of Active Investment Managers) launched the Awards in 2009 to promote the tenets of active investment management. (All submissions are available at NAAIM.) Announced at its annual conference in May, the second-place award of $3,000 recognized Dr. Yang’s paper titled “Buy-Write or Put-Write: An Active Portfolio to Strike It Right.”

Dr. Yang joined Flexible Plan Investments in 2008 following a 10-year engineering career developing quantitative and analytical methods in the automotive industry. He holds an MBA from The University of Michigan, a PhD from Cornell University, and a Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Science and Technology of China.

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