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First Gold Bullion Mutual Fund (QGLDX) Approaches 3-Year Anniversary; Fund Poised to Take Advantage of Changing Market Conditions

ROCKVILLE, Md., Feb. 16, 2016 /PRNewswire -- The Gold Bullion Strategy Fund (QGLDX) is nearing its three-year anniversary. Launched in July 2013, QGLDX is the first mutual fund that seeks to offer investors a way to track the daily price changes in gold bullion within the convenience of a mutual fund.

"Market conditions have changed dramatically since the launch of the Fund, so we're taking this time to remind advisors and investors of the importance of gold in their portfolios. Gold prices are near production-cost levels, and the equity markets are experiencing a pullback amid tremendous volatility," said Jerry Wagner, portfolio manager for the Fund and president of Flexible Plan Investments, Ltd., the Fund's subadvisor. "Furthermore, gold is a unique diversifier during trying times. Our white paper shows that gold can help buoy portfolios during various economic scenarios." Wagner notes that QGLDX is a convenient and effective way to get exposure to gold with the benefits of daily liquidity and 1099 reporting, and with its underlying holdings in short-term bonds actually has the possibility of offsetting the normal expense associated with other commodity-based mutual funds.

Previously, those looking for ways to diversify their portfolios with a gold allocation might have chosen funds that invest in gold-mining shares, which might not track gold bullion very well, or commodity futures funds, which might have a more costly and complicated tax structure than traditional mutual funds. Many ETFs that offer gold exposure are subject to "collectables" taxation and Schedule K-1 tax reporting rules that can cause investors to delay filing their tax returns. These ETFs might also require investors to file returns in multiple states and deal with unrelated business taxable income. QGLDX avoids all of these problems.

The Fund invests in gold bullion ETFs and derivatives seeking to reflect daily changes in the price of gold bullion. In addition, it allocates assets to short-maturity bond investments to produce interest income to accomplish its tax strategy and reduce expenses. QGLDX is designed to tightly track the price movements of gold bullion daily.

The Gold Bullion Strategy Fund is currently available in a no

To obtain a copy of the 40-year gold study "The role of gold in investment portfolios" and learn more about QGLDX, please visit

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As of the most recent prospectus, the expense ratios for the Gold Bullion Strategy Fund are as follows: Investors' Class (No Load), 1.66%; Class A, 1.66%; Class C, 2.41%.

The maximum sales charge imposed on Class A share purchases (as percentage of offering price) is 5.75%.

An investor should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of The Gold Bullion Strategy Fund before investing. This and other information can be found in the Fund's prospectus, which can be obtained by calling 1-855-650-7453. The prospectus should be read carefully prior to investing in The Gold Bullion Strategy Fund.

There is no guarantee that The Gold Bullion Strategy Fund will achieve its investment objectives.

Flexible Plan Investments, Ltd., serves as investment subadvisor to The Gold Bullion Strategy Fund, distributed by Ceros Financial Services, Inc. (member FINRA). Ceros Financial Services, Inc., and Flexible Plan Investments, Ltd., are not affiliated entities. Advisors Preferred, LLC, is the Fund's investment adviser. Advisors Preferred, LLC, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ceros Financial Services, Inc.

The principal risks of investing in The Gold Bullion Strategy Fund are Risks of the Subadvisor's Investment Strategy, Risks of Aggressive Investment Techniques, High Portfolio Turnover, Risk of Investing in Derivatives, Risks of Investing in ETFs, Risks of Investing in Other Investment Companies, Leverage Risk, Taxation Risk, Concentration Risk, Gold Risk, Wholly-owned Corporation Risk, Risk of Non-Diversification and interest rate risk. "Gold Risk" includes volatility, price fluctuations over short periods, risks associated with global monetary, economic, social and political conditions and developments, currency devaluation and revaluation and restrictions, trading and transactional restrictions.

Dividends and capital gain distributions, whether received in cash or reinvested, are taxable to investors at either ordinary income or capital gains tax rates unless investing through a tax-deferred plan. Dividend and capital gain distributions earned in tax deferred plans may be taxable upon their eventual withdrawal.

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