Principled Investing Give Back Program delivers 20% increase
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Flexible Plan’s Principled Investing Give Back Program delivers 20% increase

Bloomfield Hills, MI – December 30, 2013 – Flexible Plan Investments, Ltd., a leading provider of active investment management solutions, has announced that the second distribution of Principled Investing Give Back payments have been made to 86 religious organizations elected through Faith Focused Investing and 10 charities elected through For A Better World on behalf of clients invested in these strategies. This is more than a 20% increase in organizations from the first year.

“It is gratifying to not only create investment programs that invest in mutual funds that promote faith-based and sustainable investments, but also be able to give back a portion of our fees to organizations that embody these principles,” says Jerry Wagner, president and founder of Flexible Plan Investments.

Launched in 2011 and with its second year of distributions, Flexible Plan’s principled investing Give Back program provides clients who invest in either strategy the option to direct FPI to pay out, in the investor's name or anonymously, 10% of its net advisory fees collected to a client-designated charity, church or religious institution.

Principled investing, also known as socially responsible investing, has become an increasingly popular investment option. Flexible Plan, with its Principled Investing management strategies – For A Better World and Faith Focused Investing – adds a new dimension by introducing the “pay it forward” concept and give back program. Clients can use active management to seek to achieve their investment goals without compromising their principles while giving back to the organization of their choosing.

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