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3rd Quarter | 2021

Quarterly recap
What’s happening at FPI
A new level of transparency on fund holdings

For more than a decade, Flexible Plan Investments has provided what few other fund managers have done. We publish the holdings of our Quantified Fund family mutual funds daily on our website.

As part of our effort to deliver the highest level of transparency to our clients, we now drill down in the quarterly pie chart section to show the asset-class mixture of our mutual funds in our weekly update, client statements, Illustration Generator tool, and proposals. You can see your statements by logging in to the OnTarget website, going to the Statements page, and accessing this quarter’s reports.

This means that—in addition to the funds we are holding in your strategies and portfolios—you can also see the asset-class allocations inside the funds as well. This makes it easy to see and illustrate the extent of the dynamic, risk-managed investment management occurring week to week.

We promise “active” management, and we deliver!

Your custom OnTarget benchmarks just got better

Flexible Plan Investments (FPI) has long been known as the only RIA delivering OnTarget Monitor custom benchmarks to its clients. This remarkable tool uses Monte Carlo analysis to deliver a picture of how our strategies and client portfolios are likely to perform in the future given the results of our research reports. We then track the actual results against these personal benchmarks from the first client proposal to the monthly client reports on each client’s account page of the OnTarget website.

The original OnTarget Monitor was based on our research report data. Due to advancements in technology and data access, we are now able to deliver a Benchmark OnTarget Monitor based on the performance of each strategy’s market environmental index. These Monte Carlo probability prognostications are based not on our research, but rather on third-party passive index providers.

Check out the results by logging in to the OnTarget website and clicking the new Performance tab.

Even more of our strategies are beating these third-party benchmarks than the research report benchmarks. Comparing the two is easy. Both the old and new OnTarget reports are available for clients on the OnTarget website and on each adviser’s business analyzer report.

This demonstrates once again that our OnTarget Monitors have held FPI to a high and exacting standard in judging whether our strategies, and the portfolios consisting of them, have delivered for our clients and their advisers. Do your other managers do the same?

Axos Advisor Services third-quarter statements

Clients will soon receive third-quarter statements from Axos Advisor Services. This statement will reflect account activity for August 1–September 30, 2021. The beginning balance on the statement will reflect the ending balance from the client’s final E*Trade Advisor Services statement, which had a period-end of July 31, 2021. Copies of client statements are available on the Axos Liberty website.

Here is the statement insert clients will receive with their next statement communicating this information.

For more information, please read Axos Advisor Services’ notice about the statements here.

Reminder: Required minimum distributions

As the end of the year approaches, make sure to adequately plan for any IRA contributions, required minimum distributions (RMDs), or gifts.

The IRS requires tax-deferred account holders over a certain age to take an RMD from their IRA, SIMPLE IRA, SEP IRA, or retirement plan account on an annual basis. Due to changes made by the SECURE Act, those whose 70th birthday is July 1, 2019, or later, have to start taking RMDs when they reach age 72. Those whose 70th birthday is before July 1, 2019, have to start taking RMDs when they reach age 70½. For more information about RMDs, see the IRS website.

Flexible Plan clients were notified earlier this year of their minimum distribution amount. To request the RMD, complete the EZ IRA distribution form. Axos Advisor Services will not make a distribution without a completed form. Advisers who want to review RMD information for clients can run the RMD Report from Axos Advisor Services’ Liberty website.

Together we did it! $80,000+ donated to charities for FPI’s 40th anniversary

February 1 marked 40 years since the founding of FPI. In honor of the occasion, we asked our valued clients, adviser partners, and staff to join in the celebration.

We invited you to nominate and make a pledge to a charity you support, and we committed to doubling the impact of that pledge by matching it (up to $1,000 per organization).

We’re proud to announce that you have helped us raise over $80,000 for 72 charities nationwide.

Thank you to everyone who pledged a donation. And thanks again for helping us reach this incredible milestone of 40 years in the industry. We wouldn’t be here without you.

FPI recognized as a 2021 ThinkAdvisor LUMINARY

We are excited to announce that FPI has been named a 2021 ThinkAdvisor LUMINARY. We have been recognized in the category of Executive Leadership for our $40,000 charitable donation match program to celebrate our 40th anniversary. Members of the Class of 2021 LUMINARIES were selected by a distinguished and diverse panel of judges from across the advice industry, as well as by the ThinkAdvisor editorial team. Read more from ThinkAdvisor here.

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